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The Friends of West Jesmond rely on lots of lovely volunteers to help arrange regular and occasional events throughout the school year.

Below is a list of the jobs we currently need help with.  If you would like to volunteer generally with the Friends or do one of the specific jobs mentioned below, please email


Help to run your child's cake stall
If you would like to do a little bit (approximately 30 minutes) of one-off volunteering, helping to run your child's cake stall could make a big difference to how much your child's class' cake stall makes and... could lead to their winning a crêpe or pizza party at the end of the year! If you could encourage other parents in the class to help out, that would be even better - the stalls with the most help make the most money.  Just turn up at the covered play area at around 3pm to help put the cakes out.  If you can, arrange for another parent to collect your child from their class for you.  Be warned that parents start buying the cakes from around 3.10pm and its gets very busy when the children come out... but it's fun!

West Jesmond's Got Talent 2016
The school organises this event and The Friends support them by sorting the refreshments for the evening.  The job would include a half day of purchasing food and drink for the event; co-ordinating a team of volunteers to prepare the food (sandwich boxes for the performers and food platters for the adults) and run the bar on the evening.

Christmas Card Order - September term
Collecting the card designs created by the children from school, inputting the designs onto the website, checking the order forms and entering the final order.

Wine Tasting Evening
Would you like to organise our annual wine tasting evening?  This is more a social event than a fundraiser.

Updating The Friends website on an ad hoc basis (from September 2015).  This uses Google Blogger and is extremely easy to update.  If you're familiar with Office and Windows, you should have no trouble doing this, whether or not you've updated a website previously.

Writing The Friends section of the weekly newsletter (from September 2015).  Emailed to school early in the week for publication on Thursdays.

Raffle committee
Collecting raffle prizes for the Christmas and Summer Fairs from local businesses.  We have a list - most respond to emails and post prizes to school, but others need to be collected from local shops/cafes.  Filling in the form for the council after the event.  Thank you letters to the businesses.

Fair committee
Sorting tombola donations and ticketing up, shopping for stalls, co-ordinating volunteers on the day.

Marketing committee
Help to publicise events, preparing posters and distributing them around school.

Cake stall committee
Help set up cake stall at 3pm every Friday, sell cakes, usually finishes by 3.30pm.

Rag Bag
Co-ordinating a Rag Bag collection day once a term.

Got any ideas?
If you would like to organise a fundraiser, get in touch!


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