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Cake stalls

The Friday Cake Stall 2014-15

Help raise enough money to buy your children
16 iPads and a docking station 
win a pizza or crêpe* party
for your child's class!
The class that raises the most money with their cake stall will get a crêpe*
 or pizza party (the class gets to choose) at the end of the school year.


How it works

  • most Fridays at 3.20pm a different class hosts a cake stall in the covered play area (see list below for your child's class' cake stall date)
  • parents are needed to help run their class' stall - approx 3pm (to set up) until 3.30pm.  Please email The Friends to confirm you will be available to help.  The stalls that make the most money are the ones that get the most help!
  • get baking!  Please bake as many lovely cakes/biscuits etc as you can.  (Tip: most baking will freeze if you can only do it at the weekend.)  Please avoid using nuts, as some children have allergies.
  • bring your baking in on the morning of your child's cake stall and give it to your class teacher at drop off.  Please label any containers you want returned.
  • buy lots of cakes and/or help at the stall.  Cakes will be priced at 40p each.
You will be able to see how much your class raises on the list below.
Thank you and good luck!

Other cake stalls

Children in Need: Friday 14 November's cake stall is to raise money for Children in Need.

Year 6 will also be having a cake stall on 5 June with proceeds going to their end of year party.

Year 5 will be having cake stall on 12 June with proceeds going towards their trip to Robinwood.

*Thank you to Crêpes Bébelle for sponsoring the crêpe party option!

Crêpes Bébelle

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